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What Next? What is best for my child?

By NJPE Travel Board, 02/28/18, 2:00PM EST


Good Evening Parents and Players,

My name is Marc Catanzaro,  I am currently on the Board of Directors at Niagara Junior Purple Eagles serving as Coaching Director.  I have coached at many different levels, from Instructional to Federation High School, and currently Coach the Squirt Major Team at NJPE.  I am a Parent of two Hockey Players and I myself have been playing (and continue to play) for over 40 years.  I only tell you this so you know how long I have been involved in hockey and in what capacity.

Like you I am faced with a decision at the end of every season... What Next?  What is best for my child?  

In my experiences as a coach, player, and parent I have seen players leave teams and organizations for many reasons.  More often than not, they leave the next organization within a season or two.  This eventually splinters a team's core group of players and by the time these children are into their teens these kids have played with multiple organizations and have never found a home.  In the end, I see many of them at High School Games or at some rink somewhere and we talk hockey.  Most tell me they should have stayed at NJPE, because that is where they had the most fun.  I have never had a parent or player tell me that leaving NJPE was the right decision.   

As parents we will always do what is best for OUR children.  As an organization, we respect that.  One thing I would ask is that you do what is best for YOUR child.  Listen to your child, and do what YOU believe they will enjoy the most.  You will have changes in your child's coaches, but the one thing remains...The Players.  It is the players who are out on the ice.  It is the players who win the battles, who make the passes, and who score the goals.  It is not Us Board members, it is not Us Parents, or Us Coaches.  All we do is try to develop these players and children, into better athletes and to make it FUN for ALL players.  

Niagara Junior Purple Eagles is celebrating our 75TH Anniversary this coming season.  We have made it through 75 years which saw the rise and fall of many organizations.  We are growing as other organizations are struggling to stay afloat.  With the constant Growth of our Programs like Instructional and the Girls Program, coupled with our New Programs Like the NHLPA Partnership and Grown the Game Grant, NJPE will be around for many more years to come.  We have remained a constant in New York State Amateur Hockey and we have sustained growth through the years.  We have been referred to as the "One to Beat" in development of players.  We hope you and your Players will remain to share this momentous occasion with us next season and many seasons to come.

If you would like to contact me with ANY questions or concerns involving your child or NJPE Please do not hesitate.

See you around the rinks.